Become La Foi Social Influencer

La Foi Boutique offers great quality products at a reasonable price while giving individuals an opportunity to create an income stream.  We are asking you to become a micro influencer for La Foi Boutique.

Micro influencers at La Foi would earn;

20-25% commission on cosmetics, jewelry, clothing

10-13% on home décor, designer goods or sale items.

The profit sharing from the social selling platform offered at La Foi is easy and simple to understand. There are no startup costs, no in-house parties, no expensive buy-ins, no confusing commission structures, no difficult goals to earning income, and you do not need to purchase inventory.

We will ship everything directly to the customer. 

You have resources that most people would never consider- you have social capital. La Foi Boutique is willing to pay you for your social capital.

Please fill out your information and we will contact you regarding the influencer position.